Managing Library Trustees and The Library Governing Board

Date(s) - 03/10/2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am




Library governing boards have high-level leadership responsibilities: hiring, evaluating, and, if necessary, firing the library’s director and approving budgets, policies, and the strategic plan. They also provide support for the library through advocacy and participating in promotional activities and well as creating alliances with other organizations and, with the director and stakeholders, thinking about their communities futures. All these important tasks are conducted within legal and ethical boundaries. But what about the everyday duties? Dealing with community complaints? Managing conflicts with the Friends groups and other appointed and elected officials? And learning to work together as a team to make difficult decisions, even when board members disagree?

Topics include the basic roles of library boards, the differences between appropriate oversight and inappropriate micromanagement, the principles of library ethics, dealing with conflicts on the board, between the board and director, and between the board and the Friends group.

Bring new board members up to speed faster.
Build better working relationships with the library’s director.
Focus on leadership-level duties
Deal more confidently with the challenges of libraries evolving in the 21st century.
Bridge the differing goals of the library board, the Friends group, and the library Foundation

Biography ~ Pat Wagner
Pat Wagner has been a trainer and consultant for libraries since 1978 using e-mail, platforms, and now social media to serve clients across the United States (and the solar system) who she has never met face-to-face.. She presents at state and national library conferences as well as working with libraries of all types from Alaska to Florida. She has been a frequent visitor to Florida libraries and was a facilitator for the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute for several years. Pat focuses on skills needed to support better productivity and workplace relationships, from personnel issues to strategic planning. She is known for her practical and good-humored programs.

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