UV Tattoo

I hate carrying ID cards.  But if I use my library or my bank or Sam’s Club or Blockbuster or my doctor or any of several other services, I have to be sure to have their specific, special card with me.  I once worked with a woman who said, “If they can put a man […]

Global Road Warrior trial period extended

Through our group purchase program, TBLC members are eligible for a discount on Global Road Warrior (www.globalroadwarrior.com), a comprehensive social, cultural and travel database covering 175 countries and territories. Global Road Warrior signed us up for a FREE trial period to share with our members, which they have extended until Sept. 30. To access the […]

Condolences go out to Jeanne Williams’ family and friends

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jeanne Williams, who served as supervisor of the Technical Services Department for Alachua County’s Library System for six years. Her husband, Mike Williams, has asked us to convey the following message: I want to thank all of you who sent cards & condolences to […]

Michelle Oleson accepts librarian position

We regretfully announce that Michelle Oleson has resigned from her member services assistant position with TBLC. She recently earned her master’s degree in library and information science and has accepted a wonderful new job as the web/digital services librarian at Salisbury University in Maryland. Although we will miss Michelle’s presence in the office, she has […]

Tropical Storm Fay

This is just a reminder asking you to let us know if your libraries or staff experience damage from Tropical Storm Fay, particularly if assistance is needed or you need to communicate to the library community. Email cparker@tblc.org or call (813) 622-8252 (ext. 222) if you have anything to report. We’re hoping that our member […]

Morningstar discount for TBLC members

Through our group purchase program, TBLC members are eligible for a discount on Morningstar Investment Research Center (www.morningstar.com), which provides independent and in-depth recommendations and research on stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format. Morningstar signed us up for a FREE trial period to share with our members until Sept. […]


I need to follow up on Beth’s “Sacred Cows?” post.  For years—make that centuries—libraries have been drawing lines around their services.  “Only catalogers can do this!”  “Only reference staff can do this!”  “We serve only this geographic area!” Piet Hein (whom you will probably Google after you read this) created a short epigrammatic literary form […]

Sacred cows?

  In a recent blog posting about “sacred cows,” Andrew Pace of OCLC questions all of the circulation rules in place in many libraries.  He says “Take a hard look at those systems, folks…Is it time to simplify?”  Read more here. The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative calls for more open resource sharing in the interlibrary loan […]

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